Vince Bullinger

About Me (Non-Technical)

I was born and raised here in Minnesota. I graduated with a degree in computer science from WPI in 2004.

After graduating from college, I came right back to Minnesota. Love it here.

On Star Wars day in 2008, I got married to my wonderful wife, Grace. On July 4th of 2011, we were blessed with a perfect daughter we named Zina. And on July 8th of 2014, Grace gave birth to a beautiful baby boy we named Felix.

It's hard for me to be serious for long stretches of time, as you would find out after talking to me for five minutes. I love sports, video games, board games, card games and learning everything. I'm always in the middle of at least one book - usually technical, sometimes political (I'm sure I'll have time to read for fun one day when I'm about 125 or so) - and I read a few tech magazines, Game Informer and the ToastMasters magazine. I also read tons of articles every day. Mostly tech, but I'm sure I average a handful of news, sports and science-based articles every day, too.

About Me (Technical)

When I started my career as a .Net developer, I had never touched .Net. In college, I learned about 400 trillion languages. But I never touched .Net. So I set about learning .Net outside of work as well as on the job of course.

In two and a half years, I had obtained a full MCSD.Net certification in C#. Then I felt like I finally kind of knew what I was doing. But I'm a voracious learner and you have to keep on your toes in this field, which is perfect for me. I wouldn't have it any other way. Without constant intellectual challenges, I'd go nuts. But I wondered: what's next?

So I started branching out. I started attending various user groups, reading a bunch of tech magazines, going to code camps, etc. I love those communities, where you get the most passionate of developers who actually get it.

In November of 2008, I joined a group called TechMasters. It's an IT-based chapter of ToastMasters, a group that focuses on improving public speaking. It's been great. I highly advise checking us out. Stop by for free on any old Tuesday morning from 7:40-9 am at ILM in Edina.

I've always been interested in spreading knowledge. Teaching and mentoring is definitely an interest of mine. I'd be a teacher if it paid well. After a while of being in TechMasters and being in the user group/code camp community, I thought I should probably start to give back by presenting instead of just attending. Also, it has the added benefit of giving me some kind of road map for learning all the things I want to learn. We all want to learn a million things, but what do you learn and when? So I submit abstracts for things on which I want to be an expert but am not. Then, if accepted, I have to learn a ton about whatever that topic is by that specific date and time.

Since then, I've spoken at numerous user groups, code camps and conferences and love doing it.

I'm an independent consultant. I was a C#.Net developer for several years, but have been focusing more on the front end for the past few years and on cross-platform mobile development more recently. Xamarin, React Native, Titanium, PhoneGap or responsive web design/mobile-first websites are my main targets in contracts. I have experience in all of them except Xamarin and React Native, which I'm looking to change. If you have something that's up that alley, let me know. C2C contracts only. I live on the east side of St. Paul, so keep that in mind as far as locations go. Remote would be amazing.