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Don't Be Like Me: How to Keep Your Gall Bladder Part Four

2/19/2015 8:59:00 AM

Well, after that last cleanse, I had way more stones than the last couple flushes! Equivalent to my first cleanse at least! I was really excited. I didn't see anything huge, but I thought "maybe I broke the big one(s) up and they're now a few small ones?" Went into the second ultrasound a little pessimistic due to not seeing any big stones. And they affirmed my worries. So, I went under the knife two weeks ago.

I had to act then and there. But most of you aren't like that. You have time. Maybe years. Many years. Whilst flushing the tiny stones from my gall bladder and liver, I was missing the big stone(s) that were already in me. Stones I got from 25 years or so of pounding my body with the worst crap imaginable. I can out eat ANYBODY - no joke - and I have the most iron stomach you'd ever know. I can pound anything. I was extremely active in those 25 years, though, so it never caught up with me. But it started to due to having an office job, getting married and having kids, so I have been working very hard for several years to make my diet better. I used to have a similar attitude toward eating and working out as The Oatmeal. I already had the beginnings of these problems before I started the flushes. And the flushes were NOT getting the big stones - and they won't. So, while I highly recommend the flushes for general health, you're going to have to get rid of the stones you currently have. And I bet you have them. And they're going to keep getting worse. They will grow over the years. It's happening. Right now.

So what is the point here, exactly? What am I trying to say? Get your liver and gall bladder in good working order. Your liver is probably the most important organ when it comes to overall health. Stop drinking. Oops, I just lost a lot of people there. If you're still reading, then also change your diet. Stop eating processed crap. Ease up on sugars especially and carbohydrates in general. Fake sugars - outside of xylitol, erythritol and stevia - are WORSE than sugar in general. That's a whole other topic of conversation. Start eating more real food: vegetables, meat, dairy and fruits (I said fruits last on purpose because they have a lot of sugar in them). Get rid of preservatives and weird chemicals. Not just from your diet, but from your life. Start looking into replacing your household chemicals with poison-free alternatives. When you run out of soap or shampoo or dish soap or whatever that is made up of a whole bunch of cheap crap made in a lab, find a natural alternative with which to replace it. Plenty work just as well or better and plenty do not cost a lot. Take all of the herbs/tea I mentioned before! Do this for a couple of months and then do a flush like I mentioned before. If you're having trouble finding a good one, talk to me and I'll walk you through it. Then keep doing it. Do this cycle for like, a year at least. This should break up all those stones and get them flushed from your system. Then you can stop taking those herbs/tea and switch to just flushing twice per year. This is a great plan of attack for preventing the removal of a very underestimated organ in your body and to help keep your liver and gall bladder doing their job wonderfully and keeping you in tip-top shape.

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